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  L'Chayim Round Table: Iran Nuclear Deal - Round Table discussion on Iran Nuclear Deal - with Eric Yoffie (URJ), Micah Halpern (Columnist), Amanda Berman (Lawfare), Kenneth Bob (Ameinu).   In The News: President Barack Obama speaks to American Jewry about the Iran Nuclear Deal in a telecast organized by JFNA and The Conference of Presidents. A JBS television exclusive with Mark S. Golub and Thane Rosenbaum, Alan Dershowitz and Ken Bob. August 28, 2015
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Was honored to anchor the live telecast today of "The 2015 Jerusalem Post Conference" from the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square.  Viewers of JBS saw the entire day's explosive sessions on cable television, on Roku and online throughout America.  And viewers also watched the JPost Conference on the Jerusalem Post website throughout the world.

During breaks in the program, had the chance to speak with many of the most thoughtful and articulate participants and attendees at the conference, beginning with the most popular of the today's speakers, JPost Deputy Managing Editor Caroline Glick (who had a feisty verbal battle with former IDF Chiefs of Staff Meir Dagan and Benny Gantz over whether they had or had not blocked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's decision to bomb Iran in the early years of its nuclear program - pictured below), Jewish Agency head Natan Sharansky (pictured below), Jerusalem Post Editor, Steve Linde, Jewish National Fund head Russell Robinson,  World Jewish Congress North American head Betty Ehrenberg, author and Jewish commentator Thane Rosenbaum, Jewish Voice publisher David Ben Horeen¸ and international music star Dudu Fisher (who provided wonderful and moving entertainment at the Conference's closing session).

Also sat with former IDF Deputy Chief of Staff and former National Security Advisor to two Israeli Prime Ministers, Uzi Dayan (nephew of one of Israel's most distinguished military heroes, Moshe Dayan (third picture above).   It was fascinating to hear Uzi Dayan describe how he tried to dissuade Prime Minister Ehud Barak from meeting with PLO Head Yasser Arafat at Camp David with President Bill Clinton in 2000 because Dayan was convinced that Arafat would never give up the on a Palestinian right-of-return no matter how much of the West Bank Barak offered -- and that the world would ultimately blame Barak.

When I asked if he thought today's Palestinian leadership would agree to giving up the right-of-return, Dayan said "No."  But he insisted that Israel must continue to offer the Palestinians an opportunity for a resolution of the conflict that would, were they ever to agree with Israeli security needs, give them a separate state of their own.

I am very anxious for everyone to hear Uzi Dayan's most penetrating and nuanced analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and of his criticism of the current P5+1 deal on the table with Iran.

Speaking of the Iranian deal, many in the audience were brutal in their verbal response to Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew, who argued that the Obama Administration "has Israel's back" and that the President will prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.  The MC of the Conference, Steve Linde, pleaded with the audience to be respectful of the Treasure Secretary, but there seemed to be a large number of attendees who view the President and his Iranian policy as a betrayal of Israel.  They would have none of Secretary Lew's analysis of the Administration's Iranian policy.

And although there were those who spoke at the Conference of the enormous help provided to Israel by both Secretary Lew and by President Obama, there was virtual unanimity among the participants that the P5+1 have failed in their attempts to keep Iran from going nuclear.  This position was summarized by Mayor Rudy Giuliani near the end of the Conference, who suggested that one had to swallow a pack of nonsense to believe that Iran "needs nuclear power" for peaceful purposes.

The other big hit of the Conference was Israel's most eloquent and articulate outgoing U.N. Ambassador, Ron Prosor, who is laugh-out-loud funny and does a fabulous imitation of Shimon Peres.  I sometimes feel JBS should be playing the words of Ron Prosor every single day in which he puts the anti-Israel movement -- inside the U.N. and throughout the world -- into perfect focus.

And that was the other theme of the Jerusalem Post Conference today -- the need for the world Jewish community to counter the insidious B-D-S movement that seeks to delegitimize and destroy the Jewish State of Israel.  WJC President, Ron Lauder, addressed this pressing concern in his opening remarks; and Irwin Cotler and Thane Rosenbaum emphasized the way in which the U.N. and the fascist far left on college campuses are guilty of a mindless, transparent anti-Semitism.

All in all, an outstanding Jerusalem Post Conference full of drama, moments of laughter, and a moment or two of chills and quiet tears.

I was proud that JBS made it possible for viewers to participate in the Conference all over America and all over the world.


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