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  U.S. House Subcommitte on Anti-Semitism in Europe - Ronald S. Lauder (President, WJC), Dan Rosenberg Asmussen (President, Danish Jewish Community), and Roger Cukierman (Rep Council of Jewish Institutions in France) give testimony on the recent string of antisemitic attacks in Europe.   Mark S. Golub sits down with attorney Sandor Frankel on L'Chayim. Mr. Frankel is a lawyer in New York City and a graduate of NYU (Phi Beta Kappa) and Harvard Law School. He is the author of several books, and received the Edgar Allan Poe Award for Beyond A Reasonable Doubt. Mr. Frankel represented Leona Helmsley and the Helmsley organization for many years.
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   Read my op ed piece in The Times Of Israel
  In my op ed piece in The Times Of Israel, I critique CNN's Brian Stetler ("Reliable Sources") for the outrageous statement Stetler made that Prime Minister Netanyahu's participation in the Paris Million Person March was hypocritical because Israel's commitment to freedom of the press is comparable to that of Saudi Arabia, Russia, Turkey and Egypt. Click on the following link to read my piece, "CNN's Unreliable Criticism Of Israel." .
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