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  Empowering Women: Israeli Robi Damelin, whose soldier son was killed by a Palestinian sniper's bullet, discusses the empowerment of women and her organization, "The Parents Circle," that supports bereaved Israeli and Palestinian parents. At Synergy Education in NYC.   Jewish feminist leader and director of Women of the Wall, Lesley Sachs, shares her experiences as a practicing Jewish woman in Israel and explains her approach to the religious pluralism emerging in Israel. From the Barnert Temple in Franklin Lakes, NJ
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   Read my op ed piece in The Times Of Israel
  In my op ed piece in The Times Of Israel, I critique CNN's Brian Stetler ("Reliable Sources") for the outrageous statement Stetler made that Prime Minister Netanyahu's participation in the Paris Million Person March was hypocritical because Israel's commitment to freedom of the press is comparable to that of Saudi Arabia, Russia, Turkey and Egypt. Click on the following link to read my piece, "CNN's Unreliable Criticism Of Israel." .
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